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PATHWAY Driving Training School is one of the best driving training centers in Dhaka. It is approved by Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA). [Registration No: 116/2018] Road accident in Bangladesh is one of the national problems. One of the main reasons for this is untrained unskilled drivers. Therefore, PATHWAY Driving Training School started its journey in 2018 with the aim of making efficient drivers to prevent accidents. It is part of the education and training department of the non-profit and development charity 'PATHWAY'. PATHWAY's main mission is to support sustainable development and positive change through collaborative work around the world. PATHWAY is a member of Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety. PATHWAY Driving Training School provides training for cars, motorcycles and scooters. By providing well-planned curriculum and driving training under the supervision of experienced instructors, PATHWAY Driving Training School has become the leading training center in the country within a short span of time. There is an opportunity for various professionals to choose their convenient time or schedule. Training is provided in a women-friendly environment to strengthen the path of women's advancement. Here all trainees have to attend practical as well as compulsory theory classes. We have air-conditioned multimedia classrooms for theory training. PATHWAY Driving Training School provides basic (short course) and advanced (long course) level driving training. For which we have a group of experienced trainers who are BRTA approved trainers. Also, we have experience working corporately with various organizations. PATHWAY Driving Training School certificates are awarded to those who successfully complete the course. Which plays an important role in the workplace. The trained persons from here are carrying out their professional duties with Tsunami in the country and abroad. PATHWAY Driving Training School is playing the role of self-reliance by providing driving training to the backward poor and unemployed in society with the aim of eliminating unemployment. Moreover, it is also playing a role in bringing the third gender population back into the normal stream of society by providing driving training. Above all PATHWAY is working to provide training and awareness to road users including drivers in order to make the road and transport system safe.

Director's Speech


PATHWAY is always trying to contribute to road safety. As a part of this PATHWAY Driving Training School is working with the aim of developing road accident-free Bangladesh and skilled drivers. Our organization's experienced trainers are relentlessly working to develop skilled drivers. PATHWAY Driving Training School is conducting the process of identifying and resolving the issues that cause road users to be involved in road accidents. The employees of PATHWAY Driving Training School are playing an important role in reducing the premature death of people, one of the goals of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. This makes me proud of my colleagues and staff.

Md. Shahin
Executive Director, Pathway

Our Features

As the best driving training center in Bangladesh we have:

Training Model

Only PDTS provides training under the designed training module in Bangladesh.

Experience Instructors

Providing training under the supervision of experienced trainers.

Theory Class

Theory classes are conducted in air-conditioned and multimedia classroom.

Standard Vehicles

Training is provided in modern and standard vehicles.

Quality Books

International standard books and teaching materials for driving training.


Certificates are awarded to those who successfully complete the course.









Our Training Process

We Are Certified By

Government of Bangladesh
Bangladesh Road Transport Authority
Dhaka Metropolitan Police

Frequently Asked Questions

PATHWAY Driving Training School is a BRTA Registered Driving Training Centre. We always conduct training programs with the safety of the trainees in mind.

PATHWAY Driving Training School provides training under the supervision of qualified trainers and a structured curriculum. Also, we have special arrangements for women.


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