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Fees & charges for new bike/Motorcycle registration in Bangladesh | Most updated information

Motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular among everyone nowadays. Young people are particularly drawn to these small vehicles for quick transportation. Every young man and woman dreams of owning a motorcycle. However, merely buying a motorcycle doesn't fulfill the dream. To ride it on the road legally, motorcycle registration is required, otherwise, you might face significant legal issues. After purchasing a motorcycle, the first thing you need to do is register it with BRTA. This is essential because no motor vehicle can legally operate on the road without registration. Therefore, valid documents and a driving license are necessary for motorcycle registration.

Various CC motorcycles are currently available in the market. You might have already purchased your preferred motorcycle. However, to legally ride your motorcycle everywhere, you must have valid documents. For this, motorcycle registration is mandatory. To register a motorcycle, the first thing you need to know is the motorcycle registration fee. For your convenience, this blog provides information about the registration fees for different CC motorcycles.

Motorcycle Registration Fee

Currently, we all know that the motorcycle registration fee is approximately 15,000 to 20,000 BDT. But how does this 15,000 to 20,000 BDT work? A motorcycle is registered once for either two years or ten years. What happens for two years and ten years is the motorcycle tax token. You can choose to get the tax token for either two years or ten years.

Previously, the motorcycle registration fee was only 10,152 BDT. However, in 2023, the government increased the motorcycle registration fee. As a result, the current motorcycle registration fee is 11,764 BDT for two years and 20,964 BDT for ten years. If you want to ride your motorcycle on the road, you must pay taxes to the government. So, for two years or ten years, you must get the tax token.

Motorcycles under 90 kg / 80 to 99 CC:

  • 2-year registration fee: 9,291 BDT
  • 10-year registration fee: 13,891 BDT

Motorcycles over 90 kg / 100 CC:

  • 2-year registration fee: 10,441 BDT
  • 10-year registration fee: 19,441 BDT

Motorcycles from 101 to 159 CC:

  • 2-year registration fee: 11,764 BDT
  • 10-year registration fee: 20,764 BDT

If you have a 110 CC motorcycle, you need to pay approximately 11,764 BDT for a two-year registration fee with a tax token. On the other hand, if you want documents for ten years, you need to pay approximately 20,764 BDT with a tax token. The registration fee for a 125 CC bike is 11,764 BDT for two years and 20,764 BDT for ten years.

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