Manual Car - Basic Course

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Course Details


Manual Car - Basic Course

  • Course Duration: 20 Days

BDT 7,000

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More Details:

A manual car is a vehicle that has to be driven by shifting gears manually. At present, the number of manual cars abroad is more than in Bangladesh. Because the engine of the car is naturally made manually. Later it is modified and converted into an auto car. Manual cars are called standard cars. This manual car is used in various public and private corporate organizations in Bangladesh. At present, the number of professional drivers in Bangladesh is very low. 'Pathway Driving Training School' is conducting manual car training programs regularly to keep pace with the modern world to produce skilled and professional drivers. These 20 days basic course in manual car driving is conducted. Manual car training courses are available here for both men and women.

Duration of Manual Car Training 20 days.

There are-

  • 15 Practical classes,
  • 03 Theory classes,
  • 02 Car Maintenance Classes.

From this course, a trainee will learn about all the basics of defensive driving.

The practical class topics in this course are:

  1. Prior to driving,
  2. Gear shift system,
  3. Turn right to left,
  4. Lane driving,
  5. Following Dissent,
  6. Braking distance,
  7. Reverse and parking,
  8. Wheel opening and fitting,

The theory and maintenance class topics in this course are:

  1. Concept of traffic sign-signals and laws,
  2. Concept of safe overtaking and lanes,
  3. Concept on following distance and braking distance,
  4. Driving at altitude and in adverse conditions,
  5. Mental and health aspects of the driver
  6. Driver First Aid
  7. Engine cooling and lubricant concepts
  8. Problem/Fall Finding

After completion of this course of Basic Manual Gear car training, the trainee will have a mock test on the pattern of driving license test conducted by BRTA.

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PATHWAY Driving Training School is a BRTA Registered Driving Training Centre. We always conduct training programs with the safety of the trainees in mind.

PATHWAY Driving Training School provides training under the supervision of qualified trainers and a structured curriculum. Also, we have special arrangements for women.


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